The top reasons why brands fail on social media

When a brand fails to succeed on social media, it’s no mystery as to why it didn’t have success. Social media marketing success comes down to a handful of principles that every brand needs to understand. Here are the top reasons why brands fail on social media:

A brand succeeds when customers receive value through the brand’s social media marketing efforts.

A brand succeeds when customers receive value through the brand’s social media marketing efforts.

Not caring

One of the keys to success on social media is to be social. When you reply to your comments and direct messages, you show that you care. It’s part of building a strong presence on social media. Companies who struggle with a high percentage of negative reviews also fail to respond to any forms of communication they receive from followers. This leads to the lack of new customers and an overall downfall of brand reputation. Poor customer service will always result in a loss of revenue.

Providing excellent service creates lifetime customers.

Providing excellent service creates lifetime customers.

Not staying true to brand

Part of building a strong brand is sticking to your brand’s identity. Does your brand have a personality? If you said yes, here are a few questions to clarify your brand’s personality:

  • Is your brand a thought leader in a specific industry?

  • Is your brand funny? Do people laugh when your brand comes to mind?

  • Are you a service-based business or product-based business?

  • If your brand does have media coverage, how is your brand portrayed?

The better you understand how your brand is perceived, the more you’ll know what to post on your social accounts. If the current perception of your brand is negative, take steps to change that perception with quality posts. Focus on creating value with posts that are in line with your brand’s mission, vision, and values.

Not posting consistently

Consistency matters with everything in life whether it’s working out or cleaning your home. This is also true for social media marketing. When brands don’t post on a regular basis, they don’t give themselves a chance to succeed. Customers naturally gravitate towards brands they can trust. This trust is built up over time with posts that provide real value for customers.

Just because a single post doesn't instantly convert new customers doesn’t mean you should give up on your social media marketing efforts. Create a sustainable social media schedule and stick to it.

Consistent marketing efforts leads to great results.

Consistent marketing efforts leads to great results.

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5 free social media marketing tips you can use to grow your business

Scaling your business is possible with social media marketing. In fact, social media marketing is one of the best ways to attract new customers. You don’t have to spend money on ads to increase sales. Here are five social media marketing tips you can use to grow your business without any ad spend.


Create a Facebook group and invite people to join

Facebook is revamping its app design by highlighting aspects like groups and private messaging. Having a Facebook group will help build your brand’s community by giving them a place to gather online. Groups are an effective way to engage with your company’s fans and help them solve problems your business is best at solving. For example, if you’re a live fish store, your Facebook group can be centered around fish keeping tips. If you sell rugby equipment, the group you host online can provide rugby training tips to help your customers get in the best physical shape possible.

Facebook is also in development of creating a messaging app across all their applications like WhatsApp and Instagram. This update could allow you to stay connected with all your groups on one platform and improve client relations easily.

Use video marketing to promote your brand via social media marketing

hermes-rivera-603121-unsplash (1).jpg

Many of your clients and consumers will respond more readily to your services when using video advertisement. 80% percent of all internet traffic, by 2020, will come from video. This means that getting in the game now by advertising with video will prepare your content for future clients. It will also be a great strategy to reach the potential clients that might be browsing YouTube right now. There are many other social media platforms that can be used for video advertisement like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

Schedule posts for social media

Whenever you want to share your brand with potential clients on social media you need to plan and schedule the posts. By using market research and platform specific plans your quality of posts will increase. That being said it is also important to consistently post on social media. If you lay out in your plan the frequency of posts, there will be a level of consistency conveyed to clients. You will also be less stressed when it comes to managing your time because you’re more organized with scheduling tools.

Use the social media platform your customers are using


All groups whether by age, political leaning or occupation tend to use certain platforms of social media. Your job as a business is to find the platforms that your clients are using and make that your main source for marketing. For example, Instagram is a great way to connect with your ideal customer if you’re a fashion brand. Instagram’s visual platform makes it easy to showcase your products.

By increasing your presence on platforms that house current clients you will be able to find new business and achieve your sales goals.

Control your brand equity

Brand equity is how your company is perceived by clients. If you use marketing effectively, you can influence and change the perspective of your clients to see your company as a source of valuable.

Walk With Pride-68.jpg

One of the ways you can improve your brand image on social media is by responding to all of the reviews you receive. Responding to reviews shows that you care and are willing to listen to your customers. The better you listen as part of your customer service, the more likely your brand will thrive.

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Learn How to Give Back To Your Customers (And Why it's Important)

Customers are the backbone of every business. Yes, you came up with the product, you came up with the name, you were the mastermind behind it all. But the most important person in your business is not you. No matter how great your product is, or how great YOU are, the customer is what made you a success, and s/he is ultimately the most important person. They believed in you and your product and put their money on the line for you. That's more than some of your own family can even say. For this reason, it's incredibly important for you to show your genuine appreciation for the love and support they show your business.

You might be asking why it would make a difference to thank your customers. Aside from it being the nice thing to do, It's actually an extremely simple and genius (and free) customer retention tool. The more a customer feels appreciated, the stronger their connection to your brand will become, making them staunch brand ambassadors. This also creates an air of personalization, which can give you a leg up on major corporations who treat their customers as statistics, creating a stellar customer experience. Showing your genuine appreciation for your customers may just give you the edge you need to grow your brand.

Now that we've talked about why it's important to give back to your customers, let's talk about a few ways you can put it into action:

  • Send a handwritten note: It may seem old fashioned, but you'd be surprised just how far an actual handwritten note can go. It's personal, and the effort you made to thank them individually will not go unnoticed.
  • Send gifts: If your budget allows, set aside some money to gift your most loyal customers. Learn about them, their goals, their families, their favorite color, everything you can! Send them a gift that you know they'll appreciate in some way. It doesn't have to be major, just enough to show you truly care about and listen to them.
  • Host customer appreciation events: People love to party. Host an event with relevant giveaways, activities and (of course) snacks. Show your customers a good time, and have a good time with them! 
  • Start a loyalty program: Set up a program that rewards customers for shopping with you. Once they buy a certain amount, or visit a certain amount, you reward them with freebies or special  discounts. It shows you want them back and appreciate them coming back!
  • Post on social media: Just a simple "Thank you for your service, we appreciate you," can go a long way. Create a meaningful post detailing your legitimate gratitude. The genuine feelings of thanks will make your customers feel happy and appreciated. Use social media to connect with your customers on a deeper level.

It's a simple process: Show your customers you love them, and they'll love you right back. In what ways have companies showed you appreciation? Let us know in the comments!