Twitter marketing best practices you need to know

If you want to succeed on Twitter, there are a handful of best practices you need to use. It’s estimated that the number of American Twitter users will grow to approximately 59.6 million in 2022. While Twitter doesn’t have the massive user base of Facebook, it’s a network that makes it easy to engage with other users. What’s great about these best practices is that they won’t cost you a single dime. They’re all free. Here the top Twitter marketing best practices that will get you results on one of the top social platforms of all time:


Clear profile pic

Believe it or not, not everyone has a clear profile picture. Some accounts use blurry images. Others use pictures that have nothing to do with their business. Your best bet is to use your company logo as your profile picture. If it’s your personal account, use a headshot so you’re easily recognizable.

High quality header image

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The header image is similar to a cover image on Facebook. Your header image needs to be a high quality image. Don’t use pictures that are pixelated or blurry. Choose a header image that tells the story of your brand.

Snappy, concise bio

This is your chance to share what you do and let everyone know more about your brand. Think of it as your elevator pitch. Be clever or funny if it’s consistent with your brand.

Tweet consistently

You can’t succeed on Twitter if you don’t tweet. It sounds simple but not everyone does it. Here are a few ideas of what you can share:

  • Recently published blog post from your website

  • Industry trends

  • Run a poll

  • Live Tweet an event hosted by your business

If you need to, use a social media scheduler to tweet consistently. We recommend using a scheduler to help you grow your presence.

Reply to all comments and direct messages

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It’s important that you respond to any and all comments/direct messages you receive on Twitter. You’ll struggle closing sales and increasing your follower count if you’re not social. By taking time to respond, you show that you care about people.

Engage with relevant tweets

To increase your organic reach and influence, participate in comment threads and retweet other the tweets of collaborative accounts. You can find threads to join by searching hashtags that are unique to your business. For example, if you’re a sports news business, focus on the hashtags for the sports you cover.

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New messaging app released by Instagram for close friends

Have you been keeping up with the new features Instagram has been adding in the last couple of years? Instagram has new messaging app called Threads which designed to keep you and your close friends connected.


Here’s Instagram’s explanation: "Over the last few years, we’ve introduced several new ways to share visually on Instagram and connect with people you care about – from sharing everyday moments on Stories to visual messages on Direct. But for your smaller circle of friends, we saw the need to stay more connected throughout the day, so you can communicate what you’re doing and how you’re feeling through photos and videos. That’s why we built Threads, a new way to message with close friends in a dedicated, private space."

You can access messages received in Threads in your Instagram direct messages and the Threads app. It gives other people a chance to engage with the features of Threads without having to instantly download the app. Instagram created Threads because Instagram’s data shows that 85% of messages shared on Instagram are distributed to the same three friends. Direct messages will be a more effective tool for broader connections.

You’ll be able to share your everyday movements with close friends because Threads makes it possible to automatically track what you do on a regular basis. You don’t have to use this feature if you prefer more privacy. For more details on Threads, visit this link!

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10 ways to increase engagement on Twitter

Twitter can be an effective tool to have conversations with real people and build a strong brand. Twitter is a social platform that has been around for a long time and has outlasted many other platforms. It has continued to provide value for many businesses due to how easy it is to use and engage with other accounts.

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Below are 10 simple ways to increase engagement on Twitter:

  1. Respond to replies: If someone took the time to reply to your tweet, respond right away! It’s a public yet effective way to show that you’re listening and that you care. Your goal is to provide value so focus doing that in all of your replies.

  2. Retweet the tweets of relevant accounts: Are other Twitter accounts sharing content and starting conversations that have to do with what you’re doing? Don’t hesitate to retweets their tweets. Just make sure that it’s relevant to your brand and what you want to accomplish. Doing so will expand your organic reach and give you more opportunities to connect with other people.

  3. Share your blog content: Another way to get more engagement is by tweeting your own blog posts on Twitter. You can also do the same with videos and other content you’ve produced. As you continue to share original content, you’ll be able to provide value for your followers.

  4. Go Live: Have you tried out Twitter’s Live Video option? Give it a shot! It’s an effective way to make a special announcement or go behind-the-scenes on a new project. You can also go Live as a way to engage with followers by doing an Ask Me Anything. Read this post on how to go Live.

  5. Publicly thank other accounts: Did someone else retweet something you shared? Is another business sharing your blog posts? Give them a shoutout. It’s simple and will help you earn some goodwill within your growing community.

  6. Respond to direct messages: When someone sends you a direct message, respond as soon as possible. This is key if you’re getting a complaint. Not every disgruntled customer starts off by complaining publicly and leaving a negative review but it can lead to that if you don’t respond. Sometimes it takes a quick response to give you a customer for life.

  7. Use a scheduling tool: To save yourself time and be consistent with your tweets, use a scheduling tool like Hootsuite or Buffer. You’ll be able to tweet regularly which is important to growing a following who can trust you. Remember that a scheduling tool doesn’t replace organic engagement. Pay attention to your notifications and be quick to respond to the replies and direct messages you receive.

  8. Join conversations: Is there a chat happening around one of the events that affect your organization? Go ahead and join the conversation. You can reply to the different threads you can offer value to. You can like tweets you agree and help out other people. Joining conversations will help you gain more exposure and get more people to check out your Twitter profile. It’s an effective way to gain new followers.

  9. Collaborate: Find other brands you can partner with. You can run a giveaway with another company. You can also run a forum/panel for an hour on Live Video with a referral partner. There are many ways you can work with other brands on Twitter. Keep in mind that not every partnership will work out the way you’re hoping it will but it doesn’t mean that you should give up on collaborations.

  10. Use trending hashtags: Do you know the top hashtags specific to your industry? If you don’t know what they are, take some time to research the best hashtags for your business and start using them. Hashtags increase your chances of getting discovered. Be sure to use them every time you tweet.

Remember that success on Twitter takes time and consistent hard work. You can’t expect results if you’re not putting in the work. You’ll be able to build a strong brand on Twitter by tweeting regularly and engaging with your community.

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