You'll gain more followers on Instagram this week by doing these things

Instagram follower growth isn’t impossible. You shouldn’t feel overwhelmed if you’re not gaining new followers. Sometimes it may come down to you missing a few details or not using certain strategies. Below are several things you can do to really attract new followers and build a strong brand.

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Respond to all direct messages and comments

If you’ve ever reached out to a brand but didn’t hear back, you probably were frustrated since you may have felt like that brand didn’t care. You can show that you care by responding to all direct messages and comments you receive on Instagram. It’s really easy to do and a little bit of goodwill goes a long way. Don’t hesitate to communicate with your followers. When you respond, you invest in your relationship with your customers. They will be more likely to talk about your brand because they know that you care.

Like and comment on related posts

Engaging with relevant posts is an effective way to get more people to check out your Instagram profile. You can consistently increase your daily profile visits by liking and commenting on related posts. Related posts are posts that are from brands or people who are connected to your business. This connection can often be through either industry or geographic location.

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Add hashtags

A simple way to increase your chances of getting discovered on Instagram is by using hashtags. You can include hashtags on your Instagram Stories, posts, and IGTV posts. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post. You might be tempted to only share a 2-5 hashtags but don’t. Sticking to a handful of hashtags reduces your chances of new Instagram users finding your account. Be sure to use hashtags that are specific to your industry. You’re more likely to be found by users who will buy from you.

Share user-generated content

User-generated content will help you quickly increase follower loyalty when you use it. It makes the creator of the content happy and it shows other people the benefits of your products/services. The reason it’s so effective is because someone else is doing the talking for you. You’re not having to speak for yourself. Remember to ask your fans for permission to share on your feed! This simple courtesy goes a long way.

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Another way to find new followers and grow your community is by collaborating with relevant accounts. There is a lot of power in collaboration because you’re combining your efforts with the efforts of another brand. Here are a few ideas you can tailor to the needs of your brand:

  • Stylized shoot with a model, wedding dress designer, wedding photographer, and floral designer

  • Fitness instructional IGTV series with a nutritionist and yoga instructor

  • A three-part series of Instagram posts with a tax accountant and financial planner on saving for retirement

One of the benefits of collaborating with other brands is you are able to earn the attention of the followers who love the brands you are partnering with. Are there any brands you’re thinking about and want to reach to? Go for it! The worst thing that can happen is you get turned down.

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Post consistently

If you want to be forgotten, don’t post consistently. If you want to build a brand and increase sales, post consistently. It’s really easy to do. Posting on a regular basis has never been easier thanks to the creation of scheduling tools for Instagram. In fact, you can use Facebook’s new Creator Studio for Instagram to plan and schedule posts. Creator Studio allows you plan out posts for your feed and upload IGTV videos ahead of time so you’re not sitting on your phone waiting for the right time to post.

By posting consistently, you’ll give yourself more chances to be discovered and more opportunities to generate sales.

Now that you’ve finished reading this blog post, you’re guaranteed to gain more followers by following the tips above! Do you have any questions about social media marketing? Email Josh at!

4 best practices to get more out of your Facebook videos

Facebook videos are one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and increase sales. More and more Facebook users are consuming video content due to the engaging nature of videos. According to a study by Locowise, Facebook videos engage 5.49% of the audience reached compared to 4.67% of audience reached by photos.

Facebook videos are an effective way to engage with your fans.

Facebook videos are an effective way to engage with your fans.

Have you already been producing Facebook videos but you’re not getting the views you expected? Nothing is more frustrating than putting in a lot of work but no one is watching your videos. Here four things you need to do to get the most out of your Facebook videos:

  1. Headlines matter

    The headlines you create make a difference. Focus on sticking to headlines that clearly explain the value your video provides for your audience. Lists and how-to videos tend to do well organically so if that’s the type of video you’ve produced, make sure your headline reflects that. Remember to be honest in your headline and not mislead Facebook users who choose to watch your video. It’s one of the fastest ways to lose trust and credibility.

  2. Add captions

    One way to get more views is by paying attention to people who watch videos with the sound off. Not everyone consumes video content with the sound on so captions enable viewers to still engage in silence. A great tool available on Facebook is the auto-caption generator. We use this tool to save us a lot of time from having to write individual caption for each part of your video. While Facebook does generate captions automatically, we recommend you review the captions for accuracy.

  3. 3 minute minimum

    Believe it or not, the Facebook algorithm favors videos that are at least 3 minutes long! This is especially true for your videos that are focused on generating ad revenue through YouTube. On the other hand, if you’re releasing a high quality video, then a minimum of at least a minute is key. While a 3 minute minimum is a best practice, it’s up to you to figure out the perfect length of video for your followers. Some Facebook users have no problem regularly watching videos that are 5-10 minutes long while others only stick around for videos that are 90 seconds in duration.

  4. Clear call-to-action

    Do your video viewers know what to do after watching your video? A call-to-action helps your viewers understand the next step they should take after watching your content. Whether it’s to buy your product or to get them to start eating healthy, there should be no doubt as to what needs to happen. Include your call-to-action in your video and also in your video description.

What do you do now?

Get more people buying your products with a clear call-to-action.

Get more people buying your products with a clear call-to-action.

Now that you’ve learned four best practices to get more out of your Facebook videos, which practices are you not doing? Which practices are you already implementing in your videos? Stick to what you’re already doing and start using the tips you haven’t been using. You’ll be able to increase your organic reach and engagement.

Do you have any questions about Facebook video marketing? Email Josh at with your questions!

14 social media statistics that will help you make better marketing decisions

Knowing more about the social media marketing will only help you be more effective in your online efforts. As more and more of the world’s population gains access to smartphones, the social media ecosystem will continue to grow. In fact, there are 3.499 billion active social media users.

Here are 14 social media statistics focused on helping you learn more about the social media ecosystem and current trends:

Mobile-first marketing helps you build your brand as more and more people shift their attention to mobile devices.

Mobile-first marketing helps you build your brand as more and more people shift their attention to mobile devices.

  1. 81% of small and medium businesses are active on social media

  2. Between April 2018 and April 2019, more than 202 million new users joined social media platforms

  3. 91% of social media users access platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram) with mobile devices

  4. More than 500 million Instagram Stories users around the world in January 2019

  5. Influencer recommendations are responsible for 49% of social media consumer purchases

  6. $74 billion was spent on social ads in 2018

  7. American adults watch a minimum of 1 hour and 16 minutes of video on mobile devices every day

  8. 55% of social media users in the U.S. watch online videos every day

  9. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 85% of B2B marketers experienced success due to content creation

  10. 54% of social media users use social media to research products they’re interested in buying

  11. Brands are more likely to be recommended by customers who had a positive social media experience to friends and family

  12. 37% of Americans use Instagram

  13. Instagram is the favorite social media network for 24% of U.S. teenagers

  14. 2 hours and 22 minutes per day is the average amount of time people spend on social media and messaging


Which statistic surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

As social media usage continues to grow, it’s important that you become a social media practitioner for your brand. You can’t improve your social media marketing efforts if you’re not actively posting and trying to figure out what your online presence needs to grow. It’s important that you continually maintain an active presence on social media. Why? Consistent activity helps your brand become a reliable source of information for your customers.

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