Use these marketing tips to get more out of your social media accounts

Your business can’t grow without attention. One of the best ways to gain top-of-mind awareness is by using social media. Social media marketing helps you share the value your business has to offer the world. Here are a handful of simple tips to get real results!


Answer the questions that you get from customers/future customers

What are you an expert in? Which problems do people pay you to solve? You can share your expertise on social media by sharing information that provides answers to people’s questions. If you’re a landscaping company, talk about the best fertilizers for grass. If you’re a doctor, talk about foods that will help with weight loss goals. If you sell camping products, share outdoor survival tips.

The content you share can be in the form of pictures, blog posts, videos, and more.


Reply to direct messages and comments

This is the basis of customer service in today’s digital ecosystem. Always strive to be prompt and responsive. Even if you can’t provide the full answer to a question immediately, let the customer know you’ll get back to them. Remember to address specific concerns with specific answers.

Test out marketing ideas and experiment like crazy

Do you think your likes per post will increase if you post on Facebook in the morning instead the afternoon? Test it out! Has someone suggested that doing more Instagram Live videos will get you more online sales? Try out the suggestion! Give ideas you think will work some time and actual effort. By tracking the data, you’ll be able to see what works for your brand on social media.


Use social media scheduling tools

If you’re not already scheduling posts ahead of time, you need to start now. It’ll save you time and help you be more strategic when it comes to your content and posting times. Some of these tools include Buffer and Later. You’ll be able to schedule what you want to share like your photos, links, and captions. Instead of trying to post every day, all you have to do is take an hour or two every day to plan out a week’s worth of social posts.

Give some love

One of the best things about social media is how easy it is to spread the love! Unlike traditional advertising, you can actually engage and have conversations with other people.


Something you can do to spread some love is like and comment on other posts on Instagram. Liking and commenting on relevant posts on Instagram will help you gain more exposure and more traffic to your account. You also make other accounts happy since you help them perform better on Instagram.

Along with social media engagement, giveaways are another way to give some love. You can quickly gain attention on social media by offering your services/products for no cost.

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