Content marketing best practices that will help your business grow

One of the best ways to build your brand and increase sales is content marketing. Content marketing gives your ideal customer a reason to follow you and a reason to stick around. Your goal with content marketing should be to create value and help others solve problems that you have a solution for.

Research trends and top performing content in your industry

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What’s working in your industry? Do your followers read blog posts for information? Does your audience enjoy watching videos? Knowing what’s working for your customers will help you effectively connect with them. You’ll also avoid wasting time and money on strategies and tactics that don’t work.

Create valuable content for your audience


What is valuable content for your audience? Content of value is content that helps your target audience solve problems. You’ll be of value by providing solutions to problems you’re best at solving. If you run an auto repair shop, share tips that help people take care of their cars. Do you have a dental practice? Share information that helps people take better care of their teeth and gums.

You won’t lose business because you shared some of your knowledge. You’ll gain more business because you’re establishing yourself as an expert with content marketing.

Be consistent and stick to a schedule


Whether you’re producing content once a week or everyday, stick to a schedule. It takes effort and work but consistency is what matters. Your followers are looking for reliable sources of information. If you can become that go-to source, they will see your business as the expert who will solve their problems.

Distribute your content


If you don’t share, you really don’t care. Distribute your content on the different platforms you’re using from Facebook to email marketing. As you continue to share quality content, your follower count will grow and your sales will increase. Here’s a quick list of some of the platforms you can use to share your knowledge:

  • Email marketing

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • Twitter

  • YouTube

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7 social media stats you should consider for your social media marketing strategy

It’s part-way into 2019. Being aware of the trends of what’s happening online today will help you make better decisions tomorrow. These stats cover a handful of different platforms and will help get more out of social media for your business.

Use the data below to make strategic decisions for your social media marketing.

Use the data below to make strategic decisions for your social media marketing.

  1. 75-90% of Facebook Advertising effectiveness is determined by the photos used: A good chunk of Facebook ad success has to do with the photos used. It’s ok to test out different photos when running ads. When you’ve found a particular style of photography that converts, keep doing it until it stops working.

  2. Tweets with video get 6x as many retweets as tweets with photos: Video is gaining more and more traction on Twitter since it uses both sight and sound. If you have a simple video to share or want to go live, go for it. You’ll get more organic exposure than you normally would.

  3. 60% of users find new products on Instagram: If you’re not an online shopper who loves Instagram, you probably know someone who does. Instagram is a great tool for any business that sells products. With the help of photos and videos, products can be easily shared. Most Instagram users follow at least one business account on Instagram. It’s an effective social media platform that’s easy for users to discover and shop. Long story short, Instagram is a must for product-based businesses.

  4. Photos with faces get almost 40% more likes: When you share pics with the faces of people in it on Instagram, you’ll get more likes. It’s pretty simple. People enjoy seeing other human beings on the app. When they can see faces, they’re able to better relate to what you’re sharing on Instagram.

  5. LinkedIn gets triple the conversions of Twitter & Facebook for B2B: Due to the unique nature of LinkedIn, you’re able to have B2B success. LinkedIn can be an effective tool for businesses such as enterprise level sales software and supply chain consultants. If you don’t already have a presence on LinkedIn, start working on it. It’s a worthwhile investment.

  6. LinkedIn articles are indexed by Google: Want to improve your SEO and overall web presence? Start publishing articles on your LinkedIn account! It’s a great way to establish yourself as an industry expert by sharing your knowledge. Cover topics that you have experience in. You’ll be able to quickly increase traffic to your LinkedIn profile which will help with B2B growth.

  7. Pinterest helps 80% of millennials make buying decisions: Due to the visual nature and organizational capabilities of Pinterest, users are able to see what they’re interested in. Pinterest gives them a chance to window shop virtually before clicking the “Buy” button.

It’s easier to capture attention when you understand trends.

It’s easier to capture attention when you understand trends.

It’s important that you’re aware of the latest social media trends. You’ll be able to be more effective with your resources for social media marketing. Do you have any questions about social media strategy for your business? Email Josh at!

31 blog post ideas for your home security business

You’re in the business of helping people protect their homes and families. But how do you establish yourself as the expert? What do you put your ad dollars behind to get more customers? The answer to these two questions is consistent, quality content. Content marketing helps you provide value for your customers and future customers. It helps you separate yourself from the competition.

You’re in the business of keeping people safe and happy.

You’re in the business of keeping people safe and happy.

This content can come in the form of videos, blog posts, infographics and more. Here are 31 ideas you can put to work for your home security company:

  1. Here are 5 ways to improve your home’s security

  2. How to protect your home from burglaries

  3. Why improving your home’s outdoor lighting improves home security

  4. How to file a police report after break-in

  5. How to use timers to improve home security

  6. When you need to update your windows and doors

  7. 3 simple tips to prevent break-ins and burglaries

  8. Here are 6 easy ways to secure valuables

  9. Change these 4 things about your landscaping to improve home security

  10. Here’s a list of questions you need to ask when choosing a home security company

  11. How to choose the right outdoor security camera system

  12. How to choose the right outdoor light for your home

  13. What to do about your mail when you go out of town

  14. 4 ways to help your neighbors avoid burglaries

  15. 12 ideas to keep your home safe

  16. How to get a security audit

  17. Safes you can use to protect valuables for under $500

  18. 11 stats about home security you need to know

  19. Here are the top 5 things that are stolen by burglars

  20. Why you should put away your tools and ladders

  21. How to work with your neighborhood/HOA to improve safety

  22. How to secure your gardening equipment

  23. How landscaping can improve home security

  24. How to protect your valuables in your house

  25. Here are the top 10 cameras for your front porch

  26. 5 things you can update to keep your family safe

  27. How to secure your home against intruders

  28. 9 ways to burglar proof your house

  29. How to improve neighborhood safety

  30. This is how much it costs to install a new home alarm system

  31. 4 great light options for your yard and driveway

Your content helps families understand how you’ll keep them safe.

Your content helps families understand how you’ll keep them safe.

As you can see, these are all topics you can answer. They’re also questions that future customers and current customers want answers to. By creating content that provides value, you’ll have articles, videos, and other materials that can be used as ads and can be shared on social media.

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