10 content marketing ideas that will improve your brand

Content marketing is a proven way to build your brand and increase sales. 59% of content marketing budgets are spent on content creation and distribution according to Target Marketing Mag due to the return on investment. The best brands in the world have developed long-term relationships with their customers through consistent, quality content. In an age when we consume countless amounts of content through various social platforms, content marketing can be what you need to scale.

Content marketing educates and empowers your customers.

Content marketing educates and empowers your customers.

What makes a piece of content valuable? How do you know if the content you’re producing is valuable. Your content is valuable if it helps your target audience solve real problems.

Here are 10 content marketing ideas that will improve your brand and gain the trust of more paying customers:

  1. Evergreen educational blog posts

    This is type of content has produced a great deal of success for companies all around the world. For those who don’t know, what does evergreen mean? Evergreen content is content that stays true and still provides value over the years. For example, a dentist writing a blog post on the top 10 foods to avoid for a better smile will never get old. A physical therapist might create a blog post on 3 stretches that will help people with tight hips. Evergreen blog posts provide you with content you can share over and over again.

  2. Industry predictions

    One way to set your brand apart from your competition is to share your thoughts on the direction of your industry. You can share your insight through different types of content such as video, infographics, and blog posts. Here are a few ideas you can use and customize to your business when it comes to content focused on industry predictions:

    • Here’s what every HR director needs to know with the new California state laws

    • 10 things you need to try with your YouTube marketing in 2019

    • This is how VR will change real estate sales

    • Avoid tax penalties by doing these 7 things in 2020

    • Here’s what China’s new tariffs will mean for small businesses

  3. Share your knowledge on Instagram Stories

    Instagram Stories are a quick way to educate your followers and gain organic engagement. Stories don’t stay forever unless you add them to your highlights. By using Stories, you can share industry updates and tips. You can use Instagram Stories to run polls and quizzes to better get to know your followers and help them make better decisions.

  4. Facebook Live videos with a guest expert

    An effective way to increase your organic reach on Facebook is by using Live videos. To get more fans and engagement, team up with a guest expert on a topic in your industry. The video doesn’t need to be super long. It could even be a 5 minute chat on a trending topics. For example, if you run a mixed martial arts (MMA) school, here are a few different experts you can team up with:

    • Strength and conditioning coach

    • Sports psychologist

    • Nutrition expert

    • Amateur MMA champion

    • Muay Thai champion

    • MMA referee

    When you team up with experts in your industry, you organically increase your reach and engagement because they have their own following.

  5. Infographic explaining how to use your product/service

    It’s not uncommon for a business to receive negative reviews from customers who don’t understand how to properly benefit from a product or service. It’s not fair to an appliance company’s online reputation to take a hit from customers who don’t use their products properly. It’s not fair to a tax accountant to deal with a complaining client who doesn’t send the tax accountant all of the information needed to file taxes. An infographic can help customers be more empowered. When customers are empowered, they will be happy and be more loyal to your brand.

  6. Email marketing campaigns

    Another way to regularly connect with your followers is with email marketing campaigns. There are many different things you can share via email from notifying customers of discounts and sharing blog posts with them. Remember that one of the keys to successful email marketing is consistency.

  7. Polls on Facebook

    Do you want to gain a better idea of your audience’s knowledge? Do you want to know their opinions about the features of new products? Facebook polls are a simple way to gain quick feedback. Here’s how to create a poll on Facebook that people will engage with (link). You can gain more information on your audience in an organic way.

  8. Instagram Live ask-me-anything (AMA)

    An AMA Instagram Live event is an effective tool if you regularly receive a high percentage of engagement on your Instagram Business Profile. This content marketing idea can be a great way to develop relationships with followers especially if you have a large following. Industry thought leaders can gain new followers and further establish themselves as experts after an effective AMA session.

  9. Guest blog post collaboration

    Like the Facebook Live videos with industry experts, the power of a guest blog post is in the collaboration. Your guest should be from a company whose products and services compliment your business. Doing so will create more opportunities to pass business to each other. Another benefit of a guest blog post is improved SEO. You’ll be able to earn more backlinks to your website.

  10. Educational workshop

    One way to increase brand awareness while creating more opportunities to increase sales is by running a workshop. Workshops give your followers and fans a chance to interact and actively learn together. You’re able to better empower your customers by helping them gain more knowledge.

    The workshop you host could be an hour long. It could a few days long. The important thing is that you focus on providing value the entire time.

Always provide value by helping your target audience solve their problems.

Always provide value by helping your target audience solve their problems.

Always keep in mind that content marketing is about the long game. It’s important that you’re consistent in your content production and that you continue to share your knowledge. Your investment in content marketing will put you in position to be an industry leaders and will help you develop long lasting relationships with your customers.

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4 best practices to get more out of your Facebook videos

Facebook videos are one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and increase sales. More and more Facebook users are consuming video content due to the engaging nature of videos. According to a study by Locowise, Facebook videos engage 5.49% of the audience reached compared to 4.67% of audience reached by photos.

Facebook videos are an effective way to engage with your fans.

Facebook videos are an effective way to engage with your fans.

Have you already been producing Facebook videos but you’re not getting the views you expected? Nothing is more frustrating than putting in a lot of work but no one is watching your videos. Here four things you need to do to get the most out of your Facebook videos:

  1. Headlines matter

    The headlines you create make a difference. Focus on sticking to headlines that clearly explain the value your video provides for your audience. Lists and how-to videos tend to do well organically so if that’s the type of video you’ve produced, make sure your headline reflects that. Remember to be honest in your headline and not mislead Facebook users who choose to watch your video. It’s one of the fastest ways to lose trust and credibility.

  2. Add captions

    One way to get more views is by paying attention to people who watch videos with the sound off. Not everyone consumes video content with the sound on so captions enable viewers to still engage in silence. A great tool available on Facebook is the auto-caption generator. We use this tool to save us a lot of time from having to write individual caption for each part of your video. While Facebook does generate captions automatically, we recommend you review the captions for accuracy.

  3. 3 minute minimum

    Believe it or not, the Facebook algorithm favors videos that are at least 3 minutes long! This is especially true for your videos that are focused on generating ad revenue through YouTube. On the other hand, if you’re releasing a high quality video, then a minimum of at least a minute is key. While a 3 minute minimum is a best practice, it’s up to you to figure out the perfect length of video for your followers. Some Facebook users have no problem regularly watching videos that are 5-10 minutes long while others only stick around for videos that are 90 seconds in duration.

  4. Clear call-to-action

    Do your video viewers know what to do after watching your video? A call-to-action helps your viewers understand the next step they should take after watching your content. Whether it’s to buy your product or to get them to start eating healthy, there should be no doubt as to what needs to happen. Include your call-to-action in your video and also in your video description.

What do you do now?

Get more people buying your products with a clear call-to-action.

Get more people buying your products with a clear call-to-action.

Now that you’ve learned four best practices to get more out of your Facebook videos, which practices are you not doing? Which practices are you already implementing in your videos? Stick to what you’re already doing and start using the tips you haven’t been using. You’ll be able to increase your organic reach and engagement.

Do you have any questions about Facebook video marketing? Email Josh at josh@jamiascreative.com with your questions!

How to start content marketing for your business

Your business needs a way to separate itself from your competition and one of the most effective ways to do that is with content marketing. 94% of buyers use online research to make decisions and content marketing can be the difference maker in the growth of your business.

Customer loyalty can be earned with content marketing.

Customer loyalty can be earned with content marketing.

What is content marketing? Content marketing is a strategic way to develop relationships with customers and turn them into advocates for your business with content such as video, blog posts, and infographics. This blog post covers how to start content marketing for your business to increase revenue.

Keep this in mind

If you are wanting instant results, stop reading this blog post and hire a sales person who can quickly land deals for your business. Content marketing is all about the long-game and investing in your target customer. Nothing about content marketing gets you a deal right away. With this strategy, you are able to demonstrate your knowledge and how you can help your perfect customer solve his/her problems.

Exceptional content marketing keeps customers happy. PC: JP Valery

Exceptional content marketing keeps customers happy. PC: JP Valery

How to start content marketing for your business

The first thing you need to ask yourself when starting content marketing for your business is , “Which problems are people paying me to solve?”. How do your products or services help people improve their quality of living? Below are a few examples:

  • High-end farm-to-table restaurant provides cooking classes to help customers eat healthier and gain a better understanding of local produce

  • CPA firm offers tax planning to save money and reduce stress experienced by business owners

  • Catering company creates memorable experiences with excellent service and food

  • Hardware store provides quality tools and accessories to help homeowners and contractors complete projects

  • Local pet store provides pet owners with tools, food, and classes to provide the perfect forever home for their animals

Hopefully the examples above help you have a better understanding of how to sum up the solutions your business provides. Let’s use the local pet store as an example for the next part of this blog post.

Content ideas that will help you gain more customers

Presenting at classes and workshops are an effective form of content marketing. PC: Priscilla du Preez

Presenting at classes and workshops are an effective form of content marketing. PC: Priscilla du Preez

If you’re the owner of the pet store, there’s a good chance that not only do you want to sell more pets and products but you also want better educated pet owners who will take great care of the pets in their care. A better educated pet owner will not only take great care of his/her pets but will also keep coming back for more products such as food. Investing in customers by empowering them will turn them into customers for life.

Here are several ideas you can use for content marketing if you’re a pet store owner:

  • Facebook post with a picture of a betta fish with 3 tips every betta fish needs to live a long happy life

  • Facebook Live video showing how to set up a habitat for an anole lizard

  • Video explaining the best way to raise rabbits

  • Blog post on the top five most popular freshwater fish for advanced fish keepers

  • Facebook post on how often you should feed a puppy

  • Infographic on the lifespan and development of a kitten

While sharing your knowledge may feel like you’re giving away all of your secrets, you are not. The reason why content marketing is effective is it helps people realize that they can’t accomplish all of their goals without your help.

How often should you produce new content?

When it comes to content production, consistency is key. Content marketing is a lot like working out. You’ll only get results if you put in the work on a regular basis overtime. When you’re just starting out, it’s important that you don’t burn yourself out by trying to crank out content every single day. It’s important that you stick to a schedule that’s sustainable based on your time and available resources.

For example, do one educational Facebook Live video each week if that’s all you have time for. A weekly blog post is another option when you aren’t able to do anything else. On the other if you have a lot of time and the know-how, work on creating more original content. The same goes for if you have the resources to pay a content marketing expert who can handle your content needs.

Ultimately, the rate and frequency at which you produce new content depends on your time and resources but always be consistent once you start.

Key takeaways on content marketing for your business

Quality content marketing gives customers a reason to keep coming back.

Quality content marketing gives customers a reason to keep coming back.

To sum up everything you just read, remember these key points:

  • Content marketing is all about the long game. You’re investing in real relationships with your customers.

  • Focus on producing content that helps your customers solve the problems they’d pay you to solve. It makes it easy for you to generate valuable content that will build brand loyalty.

  • Like working out, consistency is key. You’ll yield long lasting results by producing content on a regular basis.

Once the content marketing train starts moving for your business, you’ll be able to develop a consistent stream of customers who will become raving fans of your brand.

For any questions you have about content marketing, email Josh at josh@jamiascreative.com!