How often should you write a blog post for your business?

If you’re reading this, you might fall into one of the categories below:

  • You heard about blogging for your business but don’t know where to start

  • You’ve tried blogging everyday without success

  • You’ve blogged once but didn’t get much out of it

  • You blog everyday but aren’t sure if you should do more or scale back


Blogging takes resources like time and money. Whether you’re doing it yourself or having someone else do it, it’s work. Let’s go through the value of blogging then talk about how often you should write a blog post.

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Why blogging is important

Blogging is one form of content marketing that helps you demonstrate your level of expertise on a specific topic. Written content helps you provide value for both current customers and future customers. It gives you content that you can share in different ways from email marketing to Facebook marketing.

If you aren’t already blogging for your business consistently, now is the time to start. Adding new content to your website regularly increases your organic traffic. Every time you produce quality blog posts, you improve your SEO. People uses search engines like Google to find answers to their problems. Your business exists to solve specific problems but it’s difficult to find you if you don’t have a great online presence.

You’ll see an increase in conversions when you are providing value with your blog due to your growing web presence.

How often should you blog?


You’re probably going to hate our answer. It depends.

The factors that affect blog production are time and money. If you’re doing all the marketing for your company, you may not have a lot of time so daily blog posts aren’t realistic. If your company’s cash flow is doing well, you can hire a writers to publish content everyday.

At the bare minimum, we recommend you publish a new blog post every week. Twice a month is pushing it and is most likely not enough. Remember that fresh, new content helps you rank better on Google. You will also have more blog posts to share on social media when you publish regularly.

What do I write about?

So you have a better idea of how often you should blog but what do you write about? You blog needs to answer the most common questions your business receives. It should also provide solutions to problems your ideal customer is trying to solve. For a few examples specific to different industries, check out these links:

Think about questions your friends and family ask you that are specific to your industry. Write about the problems people pay to solve whether it’s tax preparation or helping them have better camping experiences.

This is you when your web traffic increases after blogging.

This is you when your web traffic increases after blogging.

Blogging is about the long game. It’s probably not going to convert new customers today but it will in months to come. Tracking your web traffic over time while blogging regularly will show you an increase in visitors. This blog post that you’re reading is in response to common questions we receive about blogging and content marketing.

If you need a basic strategy to help you establish your goals and figure out where to start, email Josh! You can send him your questions at!

31 blog post ideas for your home security business

You’re in the business of helping people protect their homes and families. But how do you establish yourself as the expert? What do you put your ad dollars behind to get more customers? The answer to these two questions is consistent, quality content. Content marketing helps you provide value for your customers and future customers. It helps you separate yourself from the competition.

You’re in the business of keeping people safe and happy.

You’re in the business of keeping people safe and happy.

This content can come in the form of videos, blog posts, infographics and more. Here are 31 ideas you can put to work for your home security company:

  1. Here are 5 ways to improve your home’s security

  2. How to protect your home from burglaries

  3. Why improving your home’s outdoor lighting improves home security

  4. How to file a police report after break-in

  5. How to use timers to improve home security

  6. When you need to update your windows and doors

  7. 3 simple tips to prevent break-ins and burglaries

  8. Here are 6 easy ways to secure valuables

  9. Change these 4 things about your landscaping to improve home security

  10. Here’s a list of questions you need to ask when choosing a home security company

  11. How to choose the right outdoor security camera system

  12. How to choose the right outdoor light for your home

  13. What to do about your mail when you go out of town

  14. 4 ways to help your neighbors avoid burglaries

  15. 12 ideas to keep your home safe

  16. How to get a security audit

  17. Safes you can use to protect valuables for under $500

  18. 11 stats about home security you need to know

  19. Here are the top 5 things that are stolen by burglars

  20. Why you should put away your tools and ladders

  21. How to work with your neighborhood/HOA to improve safety

  22. How to secure your gardening equipment

  23. How landscaping can improve home security

  24. How to protect your valuables in your house

  25. Here are the top 10 cameras for your front porch

  26. 5 things you can update to keep your family safe

  27. How to secure your home against intruders

  28. 9 ways to burglar proof your house

  29. How to improve neighborhood safety

  30. This is how much it costs to install a new home alarm system

  31. 4 great light options for your yard and driveway

Your content helps families understand how you’ll keep them safe.

Your content helps families understand how you’ll keep them safe.

As you can see, these are all topics you can answer. They’re also questions that future customers and current customers want answers to. By creating content that provides value, you’ll have articles, videos, and other materials that can be used as ads and can be shared on social media.

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31 blog post ideas for your dental practice

Are you trying to figure out ways to increase clientele for a dental practice? Do you spend your time thinking about ways to retain new patients? One effective way to gain new patients and keep them is through content marketing.


With content marketing, you can add value in the form of blog posts, videos, and photos. We want to make it easier for you so here’s a list of 31 topics you can use. These topics can take the form of blog posts or videos that you make on your own.

  1. How often should I brush my teeth?

  2. My gums hurt when I brush my teeth. What does this mean?

  3. Always ask these 3 questions when going to a new dentist

  4. My kid hates brushing her teeth. What can I do to change that?

  5. Here are five things every person with dentures needs to know

  6. This is how long it takes to recover from a root canal

  7. Avoid these 4 foods to protect your gums

  8. Here are 4 ways to maintain healthy gums

  9. Do you need to brush your tongue?

  10. How often do you need to do a dental checkup?

  11. This is how you save a knocked out tooth

  12. Here are 5 things every parent needs to know about baby teeth

  13. How often do I need a new toothbrush?

  14. How do I get rid of bad breath?

  15. How long does it take to whiten my teeth?

  16. Can I get braces even though I’m an adult?

  17. This is proper tooth brushing technique

  18. Here are 3 benefits of flossing

  19. Here are 3 benefits of wearing mouthguard for contact sports

  20. Should I use mouthwash or just brush my teeth?

  21. Here are 6 foods that are bad for your teeth

  22. Why you shouldn’t skip your dental checkups

  23. How long does it take to straighten my teeth?

  24. 5 ways to help your kid have healthy teeth and gums

  25. How tobacco usage affect your oral health

  26. Why you need to drink more water to protect your teeth

  27. How often should you brush your teeth?

  28. How does your oral health affect your mental health?

  29. This is how to take care of your toothbrush

  30. 4 ways to help your kid brush his/her teeth on a regular basis

  31. What is dental plaque and how can I get rid of it?


While many of these topics may seem like no-brainers for your dental practice, not every dental practice is creating content. Content is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the competition. By sharing tips and information, potential clients can get a better idea of what to expect from your practice. They will also be more likely to view you as an expert.

Do you have any specific questions about how to generate valuable content for your business? Email Josh at!