How to find influencers to partner with for your brand

How do you find influencers for your brand? How can you tell if they're going to be a good fit?

We're telling you all our tips and tricks for how we find the perfect influencers. 

First, how do you find influencers? 

On Instagram, go to your discover feed. It's the page with the little magnifying glass icon. You can find new people by scrolling through your discover feed. Find people that way and look through their feeds and their stories. 

You can also search at the top by places and by hashtags. If you're a business in Salt Lake City, you can specifically search your location on Instagram. The first nine posts it shows you are the top posts in that city at that time. Then it goes to the most recent posts.

You can also search a hashtag. Let's say you're looking for people in the Utah art scene. You'd want to search the hashtag #utahart and look at the top posts for that! 

Now, how can you tell if it's a good influencer? Look at the follower count first. We love working with influencers who have around 5,000-15,000 followers for local brands. 

Next, look at engagement. You can figure that percentage out by taking the number of likes + comments and dividing that by the total followers they have. Let's say an influencer has 1000 likes and 90 comments and has 7,400 followers. Go to your calculator and divide 1090 by 7400 and that equals 0.147. That means that influencers has a 14.7% engagement rate. That's really good engagement! 

An awesome engagement rate is 8% so if someone has over that combined with a good follower count, work with them! 

Next, look at the quality of content an influencer is posting. You want to make sure the coloring of the photos and cropping is what you're looking for. The influencer will give you content back that matches their own feed, so make sure that matches yours as well! 

Below are a couple examples of how different coloring and lighting can be. 


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