4 ways to still drive traffic from Facebook on a low budget

Having a small marketing budget may seem discouraging when it comes to trying to earn attention on Facebook. Facebook’s algorithm changes over the last few years have made it more difficult to gain exposure by only posting on your business page. Depending on the number of likes and followers, you may only be getting 1-2 likes per post. You may be tempted to ditch Facebook all together.

Time spent on Facebook per user per day: 20+ minutes

Time spent on Facebook per user per day: 20+ minutes

Don’t do it. Don’t ditch Facebook. These statistics should help you understand the opportunities available:

  • Facebook monthly active users: 2.2 billion

  • Facebook daily active users: 1.47 billion

  • Percentage of US adults over age 50 that use Facebook: 50%

  • Percentage of US adults aged 25-49 that use Facebook: 80%

  • Share of US Internet users, aged 14-17 that use Facebook: 65%

  • Percentage of millennials (15-34 year olds) that use Facebook: 91%

  • Time spent on Facebook per user per day: 20+ minutes

  • Percentage of active Facebook users that visit it multiple times a day: 51%

Tapping into Facebook gives you access to more customers.

Tapping into Facebook gives you access to more customers.

Facebook still has the attention of many people around the world. This is especially key if you’re an e-commerce business. You can’t ignore the opportunities presented. That being said, here are four ways you can drive traffic Facebook on a low budget:

Stick to a schedule: Human beings love and find comfort in predictability. One of the ways to do that for both current customers and potential customers is to stick to a content schedule. You can do this by creating a content calendar with a layout of the posts you plan to share on Facebook. Each post shared needs to have a purpose. This purpose can be anything from encouraging followers to share a video as a way to enter a giveaway to notifying followers of a limited time offer.

Sticking to a schedule will help you be consistent.

Sticking to a schedule will help you be consistent.

After you’ve determined what types of posts you will share, schedule each post on Facebook using the Facebook scheduling tool. Using this simple tool will allow you to auto-publish content throughout the week which will save you time.

If you’re wondering how often you post, the question you should ask yourself is, “How much time am I willing to put in?”. We recommend posting three times a week whether it’s Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. Remember that the key is sustainability. Don’t do more than you’re actually willing to do. It’ll lead to burnout and frustration.

Experiment with $5 to $10: Just because you don’t have a $1,000,000 budget doesn’t mean you can use Facebook Ads. One of the best things about Facebook for businesses is how easy it is to set up and run an ad. Putting ad spend behind a Facebook post is called “boosting”. When you boost a post, you set the budget and duration of time the ad will run. You can put ad spend behind any post you’ve created from videos to a photo album. The minimum ad spend required is $1/day.

For as little as a $1/day, you can advertise on Facebook.

For as little as a $1/day, you can advertise on Facebook.

Depending on your goals, you can boost posts with the main goal of getting more likes and comments. You can also boost posts that are focused purely on getting Facebook users to click on a website link you’ve shared.

Facebook Live Videos: Facebook puts priority on giving organic exposure to Facebook Live Videos. Say your normal reach per post, is 15 people or 100 people. A Facebook Live Video will often get a multiple of your usual numbers. This can mean the amount of people reached can go from 15 to 200 or 100 to 600. We know this because it worked for our Facebook pages.


Are you not sure what to talk about on Facebook Live? Here are a few topics you can tailor to your own business:

  • 3 ways to create the perfect winter outfit with [insert you products here].

  • How to save time and money to doing these three things

  • Here’s a sneak peek at our winter catalog

Your Facebook Live Videos don’t need to be long. They can be as short as 60 seconds if that is what works best for you. Keep the video moving and focus on creating value for your customers.

Create a Facebook Group: Do you have a Facebook Group for your fans to hang out? Creating a Facebook Group for fans is an effective way to build a community around your brand. Facebook tends to reward group activity with better organic reach than business pages will receive at times. You’ll provide an environment for your customers and clients to share and exchange ideas and help each other provide solutions to the problems they’re dealing with. You will also be able to stay on top of the latest trends and conversational topics in your industry.

Invest in your brand’s community with a Facebook group.

Invest in your brand’s community with a Facebook group.

For more on Facebook groups, visit this link for more on how to run a Facebook group.

Now that you know how to drive traffic from Facebook on a low budget, start implementing these tips. You’ll be able to benefit from Facebook’s massive user base and achieve your business goals!

8 Facebook marketing tips to drive traffic to your brick-and-mortar store

A staggering 52 percent of all small to medium-sized business post on social media every day in order to boost in-store sales. However, for some of these businesses, having an online store is not an option. In today’s world where online sales are increasing at a lighting-speed rate, location-based stores need to step up their game to still be called the top of the crop. 


Although this may seem like something nearly impossible to achieve, with the help of social media; and Facebook, in particular, more feet will find your store! With that said, let’s look at some of the most important and immediately actionable marketing tips you can make use of to drive foot traffic to your store.

Facebook adverts

Many small business owners feel that advertising their store and its contents cost too much, especially when it comes to Facebook advertising. But what they don’t realise is the fact that they can tap into a very specific market – one that needs and is currently looking for the services offered by the business. By setting a spending limit to you your Facebook advert, selecting a specific target market and location (since you have a location-based store) will help you reach the maximum amount of potential customers. 

Creating a visual of your shop front on your business Facebook page

Since customers will be searching for your store at a certain location, you need to be able to provide them with a visual of your store. Remember, images form a huge part of what people like or dislike in today’s world; so the more appealing your storefront is, the more likely customers will shop there. Apart from adding your store address to your business Facebook page, add an image (cover image) to your page so potential customers can know what to look for.

Making use of location-based apps

One of the most looked-over aspects of Facebook tools is that of the “checking in” option. When someone checks in at a certain location or store, it reflects on that business Facebook page. By making use of location-based apps while linking it to your Facebook page, you can successfully drive more feet to your store and gain more exposure over social media. More exposure leads to more interest in what you have to offer. The more interest you get, the more feet walk through your doors!

Offer one-of-a-kind discounts

With any business, you need to always be a step or two ahead of your competition. If you look at what your competition is doing and copy their advances to get more customers, you don’t do your business any justice. You need to think out of the box and offer something customers won’t easily find anywhere else. Yes, that’s easier said than done. But in order to do it right, you need to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Ask yourself these questions: What do I want from this particular store? What will make me come back next time to purchase more products instead of going elsewhere? One way to answer these questions is by offering one-of-a-kind discounts! With the global economy being in the state it is now, everybody jumps at seeing a big “On Sale” banner when clicking on your Facebook page. Remember, though, that you need to offer discounts on products or services in your store that customers will actually want to purchase.


Events for the community

It’s a proven fact that store owners and managers that reach out to the community get a lot of respect from customers. This leads to loyalty and a sure-fire way of securing customers in the future. By reaching out to the community, you don’t have to sponsor huge amounts of money to special causes or have market days in your area. Through Facebook, you can create a whole new advance to reaching out to the community. A great way of doing this would be to advertise a competition on social media. However, do it with a twist. Instead of any ordinary competition where a person answers a question and receives a prize, make it a community effort! Ask households in your area to form a group, put together a basket of treats and offload it at the store. These baskets can then be delivered to those in need; thus giving a helping hand to those who need it most. The group with the most baskets can be acknowledged on the business Facebook page as well as be rewarded. This creates unity in your area and gives your business great authority as truly bringing a new light to community outreach

Rio Grande Concert-3.jpg

Giveaways or Freebies

When does one ever get something for free? Customers truly appreciate being offered giveaways or Freebies when entering your store! By advertising on Facebook, adding a post on your profile and giving customers something to brighten up their day will ensure more feet entering your shop within a short period of time.

Adding value to what your customers want

Value is what many shop owners misinterpret when looking at their business. Adding value to a product or service does not mean the product needs to keep the customer occupied for a long period of time. Value is giving your customers something that makes their life easier; in essence, something they won’t be able to live without after they have purchased your product or service. Once again, you need to think out of the box. Simply doing what your competition is doing just won’t cut it. You need to ensure your store and your Facebook page reflects what you as a business owner believes in. That, and only that, adds value to your customer needs. With you being an approachable person, customers will feel comfortable talking to you and telling you what their want and needs are. With that information at hand, you have a huge advantage as you now have untapped knowledge about what is going to add value to your business!


Videos, images and polls

Don’t think Facebook is simply there to share your products and build an audience. You can add videos about aspects of the business that will peak potential customer’s interest, you can add images of daily operations, you can create polls to interact with customers and you can even ask clients to share their shopping experience on your Facebook page. 


With so many different tools offered by social media platforms such as Facebook, even a location-based store can greatly benefit from marketing; thus putting traffic driving in a whole new, and positive light!