How to share a link to your Facebook page

So you found an article that will help your patients who just had a root canal or want to share a YouTube video on how to recover from an ankle sprain which is absolutely perfect for your local soccer club. What now? How do you share valuable information to benefit your customers and future clients? This blog post will take you step-by-step on sharing a link to your Facebook page.

1. Get the link: Copy the link (Command+C/Control+C)

Link to Jamias Creative blog

2. Shorten the link: Using a shortened helps you keep things fresh and clean. A full-length URL looks sloppy. is a reliable option for condensing your link.

Jamias Creative blog link shortened using

3. Write a little blurb explaining the link and add the link to your Facebook page: After copying the shortened link, go to your Facebook page. Create a little summary or blurb about what the link is about and why it benefits your audience.

Write something on your Facebook page
How to share a link to your Facebook page

4. Publish: Once you've typed up what you want to say and added the link, click on the Publish button and your link is now live on your Facebook page!

Live post of Jamias Creative blog

Sharing a link to your Facebook page is really simple! Let us know if you have any other questions about sharing links on your Facebook page!