Here's what you need to do if your Instagram engagement is dropping

There’s a good chance that you’re not getting as many likes and comments as you used to on your Instagram account. Here’s something you should know if you’re not getting the engagement you’ve come to expect. You’re not the only person experiencing a drop in engagement.

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Instagram has never been bigger. The social network has a billion active users with more than 500 million daily Story users. At the same time, Facebook business accounts used to be receiving a great deal of likes and comments that Instagram business accounts once had. Facebook has moved in the direction of rewarding businesses that spend more and more money to run Facebook ads. The reality is that Instagram is very likely following the same path as Facebook. Organic reach and engagement is going down and that’s a fact.

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3 things you shouldn’t quit doing on Instagram

Although the amount of likes and comments you receive on your Instagram posts are dropping, it doesn’t mean that you should give up on Instagram. You can still experience success on Instagram whether you’re focused a B2B or B2C sales. Below are three things you need to continue doing.

Invest in Instagram Stories

While organic engagement has been going down rather drastically for some accounts since January 2019, Story usage has been going up. From what we’ve seen, some Instagram accounts are getting as many as 50% more views on Stories in recent months. Instagram Stories are a great way to announce sales and discounts. It’s also an effective feature to broadcast events and share timely content.

Post consistently

Don’t give up on posting regularly to your Instagram account. When you’re active on a consistent basis, you give your business more chances to be discovered in Instagram’s search tool. Aim for daily posts. If you don’t have the bandwidth to do that then post at least three times a week. Be sure to include hashtags and location tags so more people can find your Instagram profile.

Engage with relevant content

Remember that one of the keys to succeeding on social media is to be social. Make time every day to like and comment on relevant posts. It’s a free way to give some love back and find more accounts you can collaborate with. Engaging with relevant content will also help you increase your chances of being discovered by other audiences.

You can find relevant posts by using Instagram’s search tool. Type in a specific hashtag that is unique to your business. If you’re in the potty training business, use #pottytraining. The same goes for fashion and other industries. Another way to find relevant content is by searching location tags. Engaging with posts that have location tags are an effective way to get more customers if you have a location-based business like a restaurant.

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