The truth about working for a Shark Tank company

***Joshua Jamias has stopped working for IllumiBowl as of October 2017 due to the IllumiBowl being acquired***

I work for a Shark Tank company called IllumiBowl. If you don't believe me, here's the proof IllumiBowl made it on ABC's Shark Tank showing Matt and Mike (IllumiBowl founders) swimming with the sharks:

Here's our follow-up video:

In case you don't know what the IllumiBowl is, it's a motion-activated toilet night light designed to make late-night trips to the bathroom safe and easy. Available online and at a retailer near you, it's popular among potty training families and senior citizens.

I'm asked quite often what it's like to be a part of a Shark Tank company so here are answers to some of the most common questions:

  1. You guys must be millionaires. Are you?: This question makes me laugh every time. I wish! The reality is that when your company airs on Shark Tank, you haven't made it yet. Sure, sales have definitely multiplied since our episode on March 11, 2016 but the truth is that our journey has really started to pick up momentum. We make enough money to pay our bills and eat out from time to time. As a company, we are constantly using our resources to scale and improve/add to our product line.
  2. I can't believe you did a deal with Kevin O'Leary! Is he really grumpy?: Mr. Wonderful is one of the nicest, most genuine individuals I have ever had the privilege of meeting and working with. Someone has to play the bad guy on every TV show and so Kevin plays along to make Shark Tank more interesting. Towards the end of last year, I went to Kevin's office in Toronto with Matt and Mike to film footage of Kevin for marketing videos. We spent two days there hustling and filming. I was impressed at how much he wanted us to succeed and how much faith he has in everyone's abilities to make the world a better place.

3. Is your job any easier because you're partnered with a Shark?: Yes and no. First of all, let me clarify what I personally do for the company. I run and produce online marketing content for IllumiBowl including IllumiBowl's blog as well as the social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. I also work with bloggers and media to increase IllumiBowl awareness and sales through reviews, giveaways and interviews. Being able to say IllumiBowl is a Shark Tank company carries street cred which helps us build our network. It's easier from a marketing perspective because nearly all bloggers and media contacts we've worked with have heard of or regularly watch Shark Tank. On the other end of the spectrum, although Kevin O'Leary and his team is invested in IllumiBowl, we still have to hustle and grind everyday. This week, Matt, Mike and I will all be out of the office spread out across the country due to different trade shows. Being partnered with Shark Tank doesn't mean all of our problems disappear and we can kick back and relax. We are working harder than ever before with greater determination to help everyone around the world pee happy!