How does Instagram Hashtag Following work?

Do you prefer to follow specific topics on Instagram? You can now with the addition of Instagram Hashtag Following.

How does it work?

Instagram Hashtag Following is similar to following your friends and favorite influencers on Instagram. You start off by searching for a specific hashtag you want to follow such as #starwars.

Hashtag follow
Following #starwars
Follow hashtag on Instagram

Why does this matter?

As a user, the Hashtag Follow feature is an easy way to find relevant content you enjoy. As a business, it's a great way to find target customers as well as making it easy to engage with Instagram users who could be influencers for your product/service.

When you're following a specific hashtag, the best performing posts using the specific hashtag will be more likely to show up on the Instagram feeds of your preferred customer. It's a great way to get more exposure organically if you don't have a large advertising budget.

How will you use this Instagram feature to grow your business and increase sales? Let us know in the comments below!