3 words can be the gamer changer that your Instagram Business Account needs

You want more followers, likes, and comments. You want to build your brand awareness and sell more of whatever you have to offer. That's good if that's the case since this blog post will help you do that.

Know your relevant hashtags: The first step to increasing your brand awareness is knowing which hashtags are connected to your business. If you're a brick-and-mortar business like a restaurant, the hashtag for the city you're in is one of the best hashtags for you to engage with. 

For example, if your business is located in Orem then engage with the top 10 trending posts that have #Orem.


Three words: Go through each of the top 10 posts and comment with at least three words. 


Why should you comment with at least three words? Commenting with at least three words will help you be more genuine and authentic. Think about all of the random accounts that will comment on your posts with just an emoji or a single word like "Nice". It makes you wonder if they actually care about you. Be different and separate yourself with authenticity. It always pays off.

After commenting on the top 10 posts for the first relevant hashtag, do it again for the next relevant hashtag. At the bare minimum, comment on 15-20 posts everyday. You'll be able to see results through more followers, more likes, and more comments on Instagram within a couple weeks.

Remember that social media success is all about the long game. Consistency always pays off!