CoLAB with Alysia Simone

CoLAB is a collaborative project between three communities. Latina Bloggers ConnectAlt Summit and Blogalicious. We’re all teaming up to cross connect our communities. I was partnered up with Alysia to do a collaborative project that was totally up to us.

So, without further ado, our project is The Impact of Culture on Marriage and Parenting.

Q&A with Alysia Simone 

My name is Alysia Simone. I'm a project manager by day and a designer and the founding editor of the Caribbean-American culture blog Rewind And Come Again by night. My website is and my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handle is @RACAblog.

I'm all about exploring different cultures and learning new things. CoLAb sounded like the perfect opportunity to do both of these things. I'm excited to be working with Makenzie and can't wait to share our project with you guys!