My first experience with Doterra oils

Day 1

We got a bunch of the basic things to try. We have 10 different oils, the verage skin care line, supplement pills, and the deep blue lotion. 

My husband's muscles were sore and so I rubbed in some Deep Blue onto his shoulder blades. He said it made him feel more relaxed in his back muscles. 

We used the petal diffuser and put it on the nightstand next to our bed. We put lavender in it, which is supposed to have a calming effect. My husband has a hard time falling asleep at night. He was able to fall asleep around 11:30, which is earlier than normal for him. We're not sure yet if it's from the lavender or just being more tired. So, we will see! 

Day 5

By now, we have been sleeping with the diffuser every night. We'll do a mix of lavender and breathe, which mades me feel tired almost immediately. I was skeptical that it would help me sleep, but it totally works. I don't understand how, but it does! Some nights, I will even put a little lavender behind my ears which also helps me smell it more. 

We also have been using deep blue a lot for aching muscles or when my back starts to hurt. One night, my backache immediately went away when he rubbed it on my back. We used a mixture of the deep blue oil and then the deep blue lotion and that helped a ton also.

Day 8

I got a pretty bad cold over the weekend. Who gets a cold in the Summer? Well, I do. On Sunday, I laid in bed all day. Literally barely got up. Took some Dayquil, and help the diffuser by me all day with breathe and immune. You guys, the next day, I was 100% fine. I don't even understand. That has never happened to me before. I completely believe that it was because of the oils next to me that helped me get over being sick in a single day. Only one day! I think a combination of medicine and oils are perfect. 

Day 13

I'm not the best at doing my dishes immediately. Sometimes I let them sit in the sink a couple days too long. One day I got home and right when I opened the door, it smelled HORRIBLE. Literally it was rancid in the kitchen. Well, I immediately did all of the dishes but it still smelled. I put on the diffuser with some melaleuca, peppermint, and wild orange. The kitchen smelled fresh in no time. It was a life savor! 

I have also put immune in the diffuser at night if I'm feeling a little down. It's been preventing sickness so I'm happy with that. 

UPDATE: We love our oils! We're excited to find more and more uses for all of them. We do lots of reading and are true believers now! I feel like with anything, your body reacts differently to each oil than other people. Use the oils that you like and that you feel like work best.