Allie & Blake Couples In-Home Session

I genuinely think we need to start giving more thoughtful wedding gifts. Those of us who are already married have learned so much about marriage! There's so many little things that we all wish we had and sometimes can't justify buying it. That's where you can come in and buy the couple such a rad gift! Things like super cute dishtowels or the perfect serving platter or even decoration pieces to put on a coffee table. I think couples LOVE getting these items.

When I got married, my mom had convinced me that I only needed to register for the practical things. So that's what I did! I picked my favorite out of the bunch but I put a lot of weight into the cost of the items. And guess what, I totally regret it! Here I am 4 years later, trying to finally buy some cute kitchen pieces or a mirror to hang on my wall! But I still have that same trusty can opener.... 

Anyways, I think a perfect option as a cute gift for the couple are these Mr and Mrs t-shirts from Thread Tank! Couples always want to match and lets be honest, it's so freaking cute! 

Special shoutout to Allie and Blake for being my models!