Kelsie Taylor Bridal Session at Bonneville Salt Flats

When I came across this beautiful dress on, I knew I had to buy it! I knew that I wanted to do a shoot with the dress and when I got it in the mail, I immediately knew I wanted to see if Kelsie would be able to wear it! I brought her the dress, and we were in luck, it fit! So we started planning this shoot.

Kelsie told me about Jason from Green in a Grey World and after looking at the photos of his flowers and I knew we had to work with him! We kept this shoot small, Kelsie even did her own hair and makeup! (Amazing right?!) 

So we got it all together and on a Saturday in January, Kelsie and I made the trek out to the Bonneville Salt Flats. The drive is easy when you get to talk with a good friend! When we got to the Salt Flats, we tried to figure out where to shoot, so we drove past the visitors center. After getting off the next exit and turning around, we realized the next exit to turn back around would be in 40 miles!! So, we parked and waited for the sun to get perfect, then we ran across the freeway to get the perfect photos. Oh, and did I mention it was FREEZING?! Kelsie was such a champ and stood in the freezing water the whole time! But, it was SO worth it. This shoot couldn't have turned out more perfect! 

Model: Kelsie Marie Taylor
Florals: Green in a Grey World
Dress: ASOS