5 things every online marketer is grateful for

Gratitude shouldn't be reserved for just one time of the year when the leaves change and turkey is on the table. Taking time to be grateful will help you recognize what you already have and what you need to do to in order to progress. Here are five things every online marketer is grateful for:


1. Caffeinated drinks

The buzz always comes in handy when you're doing some late night editing or are trying to keep moving during a photoshoot. It's never a bad idea to keep your favorite drink within reach.


2. Social media schedulers

The creation of social media schedulers such as Buffer, Hootsuite and Sprout Social saves a great deal of time. It's definitely an efficient way to organize posts without having to jump from platform to platform.


3. The "Do not disturb" feature on your smartphone

Do you ever want to shred your phone or toss it out the window because you're getting so many notifications? How about that time last week when you wanted to watch Stranger Things without interruptions? When you're managing multiple platforms, the Do Not Disturb feature of your smartphone will give you some peace and quiet when you need a break.


4. Social media algorithm experts

Ok. Maybe we went a little over the top here but our social media friends figuring out the latest Facebook algorithm tweaks aren't Trekkies. One constant struggle for every social media marketer is staying on top of the most recent search engine changes and features of every platform from Instagram to Twitter.


5. Free instructional content 

Blog posts and YouTube videos explaining how to do everything from InDesign hacks to finding out the best times to post on Instagram are lifesavers when you're in a time crunch. We're grateful for everyone who creates value online by sharing their knowledge and experience.

What are you grateful for? Feel free to share with us in the comments below!