Brooke & Austin Couples In-Home Session

I've been playing around with my editing style a lot lately to see how much I can push myself and what I can do with my camera. I've been loving doing fun stylized shoots, especially with couples!! I love seeing couples interact with each other and the natural love that is shown. This session was with Brooke and Austin Ellis who have been married for almost two years!!

It was so fun rearranging my room to fit exactly what I was looking for. The sheets were from Cariloha and they're made out of bamboo!! They're literally the softest sheets I have ever slept on. Once you go bamboo... you'll never go back! These were the Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets in Graphite and I'm seriously obsessed. They made the shoot look perfect and Austin and Brooke were so comfortable on them!

Now go ahead, scroll down and see some of the images from the beautiful shoot!