Amazing Curls That Use No Heat!

After bleaching my hair a couple times, it was completely dried out and would tangle super easily! I ended up resorting to chopping my hair off so I could get it healthy again. I've tried to used as little heat as possible on my hair since then. That meant not as much curling or straightening my hair, which sucks. 

I was so excited when I found Savvy Curls! It's a hair band that you wrap your hair around and creates perfect curls and it doesn't use ANY heat. Isn't that amazing? It's a miracle product. Since my hair is short and really thick, I ended up picking out the Navy Stripes Convertible wrap. It has two bands to wrap your hair around instead of just one. 

To use the wrap, you first want to make sure your hair is completely dry. Then take mousse and rub it in your hair. Now take a section of your hair and wrap it around the band, just like how you would wrap your hair around a curling iron. They have some really awesome tutorials here that help you with what to do. 

My hair is really slippery so I made sure I had bobby pins to secure the ends. If any of your hair is coming out, you can just tuck it right back into the band.

I like being able to sleep in it, that way it's ready in the morning! After it's all wrapped, you can just go to bed. 

Another cool thing about Savvy Curls, is there's different ways to curl your hair around the band! It can create different types of curls depending on what you want! 

In the morning, start unwrapping your hair from the band. Take out your bobby pins and carefully unwrap your curl starting from the tips of your hair. After you've unwrapped your hair from the top band, unwrap the bottom. 

You're done! That's it. Seriously. Run your fingers through your hair to smooth it out, but that's all you need to do to make a perfect hairstyle for the day. Bonus: The curls last all day long with no hairspray. 

And you're done! Perfect curls with no effort. And guess what, I have a coupon code for you to buy your own! Use the code savvyc1 for $2 off any order. Get yours here!

They are currently doing a kickstarter campaign and for their new product!