Learning new things

Hi. My name is Makenzie Jamias, as you've probably already figured out by now. I love learning. I love reading books on different topics and taking classes both in school and online about things I don't know about yet. I can't decide on one thing that I want to do and because of that I have taken on multiple roles: designer, event planner, photographer, aspiring calligrapher and hand letterer. I'm only 21 and doing my best to try and figure out what I love. But in all reality, I love all of it! I love creating things on the computer and with my hands. I love having a vision and a dream and being able to make that happen. I'm not done with college quite yet, which has let me explore all of these avenues and I'm excited to see where they take me. 

I was lucky enough to win tickets to Alt Summit Summer 2015 for me and my husband. I am excited to learn more about blogging so that I can add that to my skill set. Here's to beginnings and learning new things.