38 headlines that you can steal for your blog

Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to get the ball rolling for your blog. It can be tough trying come up with content for your brand but the good news is that you’re not alone. We have your back. Here are 39 headlines you can steal for your blog:

You don’t have to worry about writer’s block when it comes to headlines.

You don’t have to worry about writer’s block when it comes to headlines.

  1. These five tips will help you easily increase online sales this quarter

  2. Be ready for your next house party with these outfit combinations

  3. How to increase your PR in 2019

  4. 7 foods that will help you avoid the flu

  5. 14 ways to step up your grilling game and be the hero

  6. The beginner’s guide to shopping for men

  7. The beginner’s guide to building shelves

  8. How can I get more revenue in 2019?

  9. How do I find the right attorney?

  10. No, you don’t need to be great at working out to lose weight

  11. 21 quotes that will make you call your mom

  12. How to get more Instagram Likes on your business profile

  13. Where to get the best protein for triathlon training

  14. Quit these three things and you’ll be happy

  15. Make more money by doing seven things each week

  16. What the best yoga instructors have in common

  17. You’re holding your business back. Here’s why:

  18. It’s not your fault that you’re struggling with these six things

  19. All successful store owners do these five things every day

  20. World travelers share their biggest tips and disappointments

  21. 50 tricks all fashionistas recommend

  22. Entrepreneurs need these five skills to succeed

  23. Boost your foot traffic by ending these chronic mistakes

  24. Cut out four things that are slowing your growth

  25. Follow these influencers for design inspiration

  26. Here’s what you should know before you change CrossFit gyms

  27. 7 things every culinary pro does

  28. Your friends will leave you if you do this

  29. How to shoot like Steph Curry and avoid injury like LeBron James

  30. Make these changes to your schedule to live like a millionaire

  31. Travel destinations you can’t miss out on

  32. These three coffee shops can’t be missed when driving through Seattle

  33. 12 changes you need to make when you’re expecting a child

  34. Attributes all successful entrepreneurs have

  35. You can be happy if you stop caring about this one thing

  36. Do this one thing each week to take control of your life

  37. Should you buy the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?

  38. Every penny pincher knows these habits that are keeping you poor

Create headlines that will get people talking.

Create headlines that will get people talking.

As you may have noticed, not all of these topics may work specifically for your business so tweak them as needed. Always customize your content to your target audience!

4 Ways You Can Step Up Your Instagram Story Game As A Small Business

Instagram appears to be surpassing other social media platforms regarding popularity. Recently there has been a shift in social media preferences. Photo-sharing application has made it possible for both new and established brands to market their products and services across the world. The trend is particularly common to a group that belongs to younger demographics. 85% of young people access social media to post something or view a pic or video almost every day.

You can achieve your revenue goals with the help of Instagram marketing

You can achieve your revenue goals with the help of Instagram marketing

Previously, Omnicore gathered interesting and incredible statistics as to why brands should opt to engage themselves with Instagram followers. As of last September, the Instagram platform has had more than 800 million followers. According to Instagram, there are currently 25 million businesses on the site compared to July 2017, when they were 15 million businesses. Also, over 80% of Instagram users follow a business whereas 200 million Instagrammers visit a business profile on a daily basis.

How to pull from top brands on Instagram

1. Developing brand partnerships To get attention on Instagram like Nike, Chipotle, or Lego you need to partner with other brands that share your audience. For example, you can create a joint campaign that targets on a social cause. Through the campaign, the audience will be attracted to know what you are selling. Most companies are establishing affiliate marketing partnerships, sponsoring partnerships or value-added partnerships. Such approaches can involve celebrity influencers, but this can only be successful if it fits targeted demographics, strategies, and budgets. When working on collaborations, look for opportunities that might yield a win-win situation for all entities. 

Partnerships give you more opportunities to grow.

Partnerships give you more opportunities to grow.

The primary purpose of the partnership should be geared to attract more customers who can benefit from all brands involved. Partnering creates an opportunity to pull resources together and achieve higher results compared to when a brand goes solo. Also, it gives a substantial financial muscle for partnering companies to compete with established brands like Nike, Chipotle, or Lego.

2. Demand affiliates and influencers to be transparent and authentic  If you are authentic and transparent with your followers, you will get off to a great start by attracting more attention. The affiliates and influencers must be transparent as they market your product/brand online. Primarily online business is grown and maintained by staying transparent and authentic. JVZooCEO Laura Casselman says that the importance of consumer education via Instagram can only be successful only if the followers completely trust the influencer. 

Transparency equals authenticity.

Transparency equals authenticity.

3. Stand out with humor for the target audience Don’t be afraid to capture the hilarious moments that happen behind-the-scenes of your business! Your fans will love that you’re willing to share different raw moments on your Instagram Story from pictures to videos. It’ll show your followers another side of your business that will give them more to talk about.

4. Stand out with lifestyle shots to showcase products The pics or videos posted must stand out. Professionally taken photos or fun pics will lure more followers to know what your product is all about. For example, the Nikebrand on Instagram always provokes conversation about the brand thus helping the company achieve its core objective. Creativity while taking the pics or video is an importantaspect because it makes the pic or video to stand out.

Lifestyle shoots are one of the best ways to showcase what you have to offer.

Lifestyle shoots are one of the best ways to showcase what you have to offer.

With many established brands out there, it is hard to stand out on Instagram. New brands must be more aggressive to reach more potential customers because the intention of posting a picture or a video on social media is not to gain views but to increase sales and customer base. Even if it is hard, the more a product keeps on rotating or appearing on social media, the more it lures potential customers to buy it or try the service. In addition, with careful planning and targeted action, it is easy to connect with your audience on Instagram. Numerous new brands have found their niche on Instagram and they have seen great success.

5 brands that have an engaging Instagram presence

With over 1 billion active users and counting, Instagram presents marketing teams with the unique opportunity to reach a vast number of highly-engaged users for pennies-on-the-dollar. With the overall usage of Instagram doubling over the last two years, the importance that leading brands place on this unique social media platform will only increase in the future.

Instagram makes it possible for brands to easily engage with customers.

Instagram makes it possible for brands to easily engage with customers.

Yet, for whatever reason, many brands fail to capitalize on the nearly limitless marketing potential presented by this rapidly growing platform. Instead of working to curate meaningful content and engage their loyal fanbases, many brands simply opt to post relatively bland marketing materials that are better suited for static mediums such as magazines. 

While it is not our place to cast judgment on any brand’s marketing strategy, we would like to highlight five of the most engaging brands on Instagram today. Ranging from Chipotle to BarkBox, these companies have mastered the art of careful content curation, and strive to create content that is both engaging and meaningful to their core customers. It is our hope that a quick analysis of these star-players will help to inspire your own Instagram marketing campaigns, which can be a great way to promote yourself, your company, or your products. 

Without further ado, let’s jump into the top five brands that have created an engaging Instagram presence. 

Brand #1: Lego

Believe it or not, this timeless toymaker has managed to develop one of the most effective marketing campaigns on Instagram today. Their posts, which accurately capture the whimsical and imaginative nature of their products, have created a feed of quality content that feels as reliable as any on Instagram. Traditional products are featured in tandem with their STEM-based line of toys, which helps to further communicate Lego’s natural fit throughout all aspects of a customer’s childhood. In short, their content is relatable yet modern, serving to increase the brand’s notoriety while simultaneously driving high levels of user engagement with their 3.2 million followers. 

Lego’s Instagram is a hit with its customers.

Lego’s Instagram is a hit with its customers.

Brand #2: Chipotle

Simply saying that Chipotle has developed an engaging social media presence doesn’t do their Instagram justice. Impressively, this iconic brand has managed to develop a feed that manages to organically market their delicious offerings while still paying homage to their indie roots. Quality photos are consistently combined with witty captions, making for an enjoyable and engaging social media experience for each and every one of Chipotle’s fans. 

Brand #3: GoPro

Most of us are well aware of how GoPro’s versatile cameras have transformed how content creators are able to capture memorable moments ranging from the extreme to the mundane. GoPro is well aware of this fact and has taken care to emphasize the feedback loop between adventure, social media, and the content created by their cameras throughout their Instagram feed. This unique strategy not only drives an extremely high level of engagement between GoPro and their 14+ million followers, but it also manages to present the company as a lifestyle brand - which is an extremely dynamic marketing approach for a company once viewed as a Silicon Valley tech darling. 

GoPro showcases the capabilities of its products on Instagram.

GoPro showcases the capabilities of its products on Instagram.

Brand #4: BarkBox

A quick scroll through the Instagram feed of BarkBox will greet you with dozens of posts featuring adorable dogs in almost every imaginable situation. This laugh-out-loud content has clearly aided BarkBox in developing their social media brand, as reflected by their 1.4 million Instagram followers. The genius of this approach is the combination of enjoyable content and brand promotion. While there are dozens of accounts that post funny dog-based content, BarkBox is the only place you can go to find great content and enticing promotions in the same place. Better yet, this approach makes their content feel more like a meme and less like marketing - which in turn allows for social networking to naturally run its course. 

Brand #5: Oreo

The Instagram feed of Oreo is full of truly enjoyable content, which will naturally drive some level of engagement with fans. However, the secret of Oreo’s marketing lies in the fact that they take care to place their products at the heart of every single Instagram post, all while managing to do so in a manner that is genuinely fun and engaging. Entertaining copy and captions combine with vibrant images, videos, and animations to accurately reflect the fun-loving aura that surrounds their product offerings. 

Oreo’s fan following is dedicated thanks to its classic design and flavors.

Oreo’s fan following is dedicated thanks to its classic design and flavors.

As we have seen, there are numerous different ways to build an engaging presence on Instagram. Whether it be for your personal brand, or for that of your company, we strongly suggest using the brands above as a guide when working to develop your own unique Instagram marketing strategy.