How to get more Instagram followers

You have every reason to want to build up your Instagram following. Increasing your Instagram follower count will help in many ways from greater brand recognition to more sales opportunities. Getting more people to pay attention to what you’re doing isn’t impossible but it will take some time so be patient. Here are several ways to get more Instagram followers for free:

Optimize your Instagram bio


Before doing anything with your Instagram bio, make sure that you have an Instagram Business profile. It’ll give you more features to work with including better stats. Once you’ve converted to a business profile, start optimizing your Instagram bio. Be sure to have a clear profile picture whether it’s a headshot if you’re an influencer or a logo to represent your company. After you’ve uploaded a great profile pic, include a concise summary of what you’re about and a link to your website. You can also add a couple of key hashtags to your Instagram bio to give yourself more chances to be discovered. People shouldn’t have to think about what your Instagram account is about if you’ve optimized your Instagram bio.

Post different content from your Facebook posts

While it may be easy, do not repost your Instagram posts to your Facebook business page whenever possible. Give your customers and clients a reason to follow you on both platforms by creating a different experience for each social platform. Focus on quality photos and videos for Instagram since Instagram is designed for people who consume information visually. If you don’t have the skillset to produce high-end photos and video but have the resources, outsource your Instagram content needs within a reasonable budget. It’s a worthwhile investment that will pay off in a growing following.

Use hashtags


Did you know you can use up to 30 hashtags on an Instagram post? Instagram allows the use of many hashtags which will give you more chances to be discovered. No, you don’t have to use 30 hashtags in every post but you should at least use several hashtags that are relevant to the industry you are in. Here are a few examples of hashtags if you are marketing a shopping mall:

  • #shopping

  • #fashion

  • #mensfashion

  • #womensfashion

  • #holidayshopping

  • #christmasgifts

Don’t forget to use hashtags for the city you’re in along with surrounding areas if you’re a location-based business. This will help you get more people in the door who live close by.

Reply to all comments and direct messages

kate-torline-VeiqoYAEeis-unsplash (1).jpg

As Instagram’s algorithm continues to change, the importance of comments and direct messages continues to increase. Stay on top of all comments and direct messages you receive. It’ll help you maintain a positive online reputation and build a loyal following. Responding to everything you receive shows that you care and are paying attention to your community.

Post consistently to your feed and Instagram Stories

You can’t succeed on Instagram if you don’t post consistently. Figure out a sustainable schedule and stick to it with the help of scheduling software like or Facebook Creator Studio. If you can post twice a day then post twice a day. If you can only have enough content to post every other day then do that. The main thing is that you provide a consistent source of value for members of the Instagram community.

How have you been building your brand on Instagram? Do you have any questions about Instagram marketing? Comment below of email Josh at!

31 blog post ideas you can use to market your life coaching business

So you want to help other people get more out of life? How do you let people know that you’re there to help them accomplish their goals and change their lives for the better? You can build up your clientele with consistent marketing by providing value in the form of blog posts, videos, and infographics. Below are 31 content marketing ideas you can use to build up your life coaching business. Feel free to tailor it specifically to the services you provide!

  1. 4 simple ways you can improve your physical health

  2. How to recognize positive people in your life

  3. Here are several ways you can increase your financial intelligence

  4. Getting more sleep will allow you to accomplish these goals

  5. How to balance family, work, and everything else

  6. This is what happened to Sally after coaching her for six months

  7. Here are 4 books that will get you out of bed every morning

  8. Every successful business owner follows these simple habits

  9. How to recognize the right mentor for you

  10. These tips will help you be more productive

  11. How to get more out of your mornings

  12. You need a vision board. Here’s why.

  13. Which life goals should you pursue?

  14. 5 ways to grow your business

  15. Why NBA champions still listen to their coaches after winning it all

  16. What to expect in your first life coaching session

  17. How to manage your life after your spouse dies

  18. Use these tips to communicate more effectively at home

  19. What are limiting beliefs and how can I get past them?

  20. This is how to create a vision for success

  21. Here’s what all top business owners do every morning

  22. How to have thriving relationships with family and friends

  23. 5 benefits of taking time for yourself and how to take a break

  24. How to find the right life coach for you

  25. What top athletes and business people have in common

  26. 3 ways to get that raise you’ve been wanting

  27. Signs that you are in a toxic relationship

  28. Use these tips to increase your self confidence

  29. How to get more out of life

  30. Don’t get stuck in awkward conversations by doing these 4 things

  31. Why self-development is a worthwhile investment


As you can see, these content ideas are pretty straightforward. There’s a good chance you’ve already covered similar topics with clients if you’re an active life coach. Sharing your knowledge through content marketing will help potential clients better understand your thought process and philosophy. You give others a chance to learn more about you and what you have to offer.

Generating valuable content is a worthwhile investment in the future of your business. It improves your SEO and helps you build a real brand. Do you have any specific questions about how to generate valuable content for your business? Email Josh at with any content marketing questions you may have!

Facebook News is Facebook's new tab just for news

As a response to the spread of false news on its platform, Facebook has released a News tab. This tab will be rolling out throughout the U.S. to all Facebook users.

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 9.22.52 PM.png

Facebook has its own criteria for news articles to make it onto the News tab: " in our News Page Index, which we developed in collaboration with the industry to identify news content. They also need to abide by Facebook’s Publisher Guidelines, these include a range of integrity signals in determining product eligibility, including misinformation - as identified based on third-party fact checkers - community standards violations (e.g., hate speech), clickbait, engagement bait and others."

These news pages that aim to make it onto Facebook’s News tab need to be verified by Facebook. Facebook will have its own criteria in order to meet all of Facebook’s qualifications.

Facebook users will be allowed to link paid subscriptions to news outlets such as the New York Times.

How will you use this new Facebook feature?