3 boring marketing strategies that work

No one wants to do the boring, less glamorous side of marketing. Even when a business is strapped for cash or has little to no sales. Thanks to the glitzy videos we see on the internet, some people only do things they deem sexy. Unfortunately, if you're broke and have little to no capital to work with, you have no choice but to do what's "boring".

Here are three boring marketing strategies that work:

  1. Emails: No, emails aren't dead or a thing of the past. One of the ways we've increased awareness and sales of IllumiBowl is by emailing mommy bloggers, tech bloggers and other media outlets such as Inc. and Forbes. It's honestly pretty boring at times but the thousands of bloggers we've reached out to have resulted in consistent sales. As someone once said, sales cures all problems.
  2. Consistent, original content: Anything worthwhile takes effort. The same goes for consistent, original content. When you produce relevant content that benefits your target market and current customers, you are providing value. I'm not saying this because I read it somewhere and like the idea. I'm writing two blog posts a week with the goal of helping potty training families and provide DIY tips for bathroom improvement and maintenance. Not only are you providing great tips but you're also taking care of SEO at the same time. What does that lead to? More sales!
  3. Excellent customer service: Have you ever purchased a product you were excited about only to receive when that didn't work as described? It can be frustrating. Make it simple for your customers to answer any questions or concerns. Don't make them jump through unnecessary hoops just to get a replacement. You'll lose them to competitors. Treat your customers well and they'll become brand ambassadors for you.

What are some of your bootstrapping methods? Share in the comments below!