Drive your Instagram followers to your website with these tips

You sell products online. Business has been fairly well but you know you can do a better job. One of your mentors told you that Instagram is a great way to drive traffic from Instagram to your e-commerce site.

The problem is that you don't know how or where to start. Here are five tips to get your followers to go to your website:

Set up and optimize your Instagram bio: Does your Instagram bio sum up what your business is all about? Does your Instagram bio have the link to your website? Your profile photo should have your brand's logo. It needs to be recognizable by anyone who comes across your profile. Your handle should be your brand name. If it's already taken, try to get an Instagram handle that's as close to your brand name as possible. When it comes to your description, use target keywords and tell your story. Don't forget to have the link to your website in your bio.

 Your Instagram bio should tell your story in a nutshell

Your Instagram bio should tell your story in a nutshell

Post great content consistently: High quality photos and videos are a must for your feed. Take photos that are worthy of sharing. Take photos that your friends and strangers would be willing to share with others. If you don't have the budget or know-how for DSLR photography, read this blog post on how to take better iPhone photos.

 Quality photos are a worthwhile investment

Quality photos are a worthwhile investment

Tag your products in your photos: Shoppable posts allow your followers to buy your products directly from your Instagram posts. You can acquire new customers right from your feed. Followers don't need to take as many steps to place order for whatever you have to offer. You don't have to worry about losing potential customers because they got lost in the process of going to your website.

 Make it easy for customers to make a purchase by tagging your products in posts

Make it easy for customers to make a purchase by tagging your products in posts

Great customer service: Whether you have happy customers commenting on your posts or disgruntled customers commenting on your posts, don't ignore them. Provide excellent customer service. It'll pay off exponentially when you listen and create a community where customers feel like their opinions are valued. Always focus on providing the best experience for your customers and empowering them to solve whatever problems they are counting on you to help them solve.

 Great customer service helps everyone get their wings

Great customer service helps everyone get their wings

Proactive engagement: It's important that you don't wait for things to happen. Take a few minutes everyday to engage with posts that have relevant hashtags. To do this, ask yourself what the best hashtags are for your business. If you're a small gym in Murray, it's in your best interests to engage with the top ten posts with #murray. If you sell baby clothes then engage with the top ten posts with #baby. Engaging means you like and comment on each of these posts. Each of your comments should be three words or more to help you be more authentic. When you’re more authentic, customers are more likely to follow and stay engaged with your brand on Instagram.

 Like, comment, and be authentic on Instagram

Like, comment, and be authentic on Instagram

Remember that putting in the work will always yield results. If you’re not doing any of the five tips listed above, don’t expect to see an increase in traffic to your website. If you are, give yourself a 3-5 weeks and you will start to see more sales thanks to your proactive approach.

How to find influencers to partner with for your brand

How do you find influencers for your brand? How can you tell if they're going to be a good fit?

We're telling you all our tips and tricks for how we find the perfect influencers. 

First, how do you find influencers? 

On Instagram, go to your discover feed. It's the page with the little magnifying glass icon. You can find new people by scrolling through your discover feed. Find people that way and look through their feeds and their stories. 

You can also search at the top by places and by hashtags. If you're a business in Salt Lake City, you can specifically search your location on Instagram. The first nine posts it shows you are the top posts in that city at that time. Then it goes to the most recent posts.

You can also search a hashtag. Let's say you're looking for people in the Utah art scene. You'd want to search the hashtag #utahart and look at the top posts for that! 

Now, how can you tell if it's a good influencer? Look at the follower count first. We love working with influencers who have around 5,000-15,000 followers for local brands. 

Next, look at engagement. You can figure that percentage out by taking the number of likes + comments and dividing that by the total followers they have. Let's say an influencer has 1000 likes and 90 comments and has 7,400 followers. Go to your calculator and divide 1090 by 7400 and that equals 0.147. That means that influencers has a 14.7% engagement rate. That's really good engagement! 

An awesome engagement rate is 8% so if someone has over that combined with a good follower count, work with them! 

Next, look at the quality of content an influencer is posting. You want to make sure the coloring of the photos and cropping is what you're looking for. The influencer will give you content back that matches their own feed, so make sure that matches yours as well! 

Below are a couple examples of how different coloring and lighting can be. 


Watch our Facebook live to watch Makenzie show you how to find influencers! 

3 words can be the gamer changer that your Instagram Business Account needs

You want more followers, likes, and comments. You want to build your brand awareness and sell more of whatever you have to offer. That's good if that's the case since this blog post will help you do that.

Know your relevant hashtags: The first step to increasing your brand awareness is knowing which hashtags are connected to your business. If you're a brick-and-mortar business like a restaurant, the hashtag for the city you're in is one of the best hashtags for you to engage with. 

For example, if your business is located in Orem then engage with the top 10 trending posts that have #Orem.


Three words: Go through each of the top 10 posts and comment with at least three words. 


Why should you comment with at least three words? Commenting with at least three words will help you be more genuine and authentic. Think about all of the random accounts that will comment on your posts with just an emoji or a single word like "Nice". It makes you wonder if they actually care about you. Be different and separate yourself with authenticity. It always pays off.

After commenting on the top 10 posts for the first relevant hashtag, do it again for the next relevant hashtag. At the bare minimum, comment on 15-20 posts everyday. You'll be able to see results through more followers, more likes, and more comments on Instagram within a couple weeks.

Remember that social media success is all about the long game. Consistency always pays off!